4 Steps to Fostering Independence in Children with Special Needs

I once heard a woman talk about the hand she had craved all her life: the hand that would holdRead more

Where can I listen to you talk about Story Emotion Social Therapy?

  You can listen to a podcast where I share the Story Emotion Social Therapy methodology. In addition, I talkRead more

Where can I watch you talk about Story Emotion Social Therapy?

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CX-HfgRl-Bq/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link You can watch this Instagram LIVE with Chavie Bruk where I discuss the WholeStory (language, social, and emotional stories)Read more

Mental Health and Speech-Language Therapists Working Together using Story Emotion Social Therapy: here’s how to use this new interdisciplinary model to help individuals share their stories, communicating thoughts and emotions, in therapy.

By: Gary Dick, PhD LISW Over my 40 years as a clinical social worker, I treat individuals using various treatmentRead more

Developing Healthy Self Talk in Children

How the words you say to yourself can affect the way you behave . . . .      Read more

How to Help Children Manage Anxiety and Embrace Their Imperfections at Home and at School

How Pearla can be used effectively both at home and at school

Building Self Kindness in Yourself and in Your Children

Help your child learn tools to develop a growth mindset

about how growth and fixed mindsets are part of Pearla’s toolbox.

Have more impact when conversing with your children

about the way words can impact Social-Emotional Literacy & relate to perfectionism